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“Working on myself is the key, making time for my goals is getting me closer to them with the help of the team" 


In her first 6 weeks of training:

✅ Body Fat down 4.6kgs
✅ Muscle up 2.3kg
✅ Visceral fat down 1.2kg
✅ Total weight down 0.9kg

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“ Coudn't believe what I have achieved in my first 4 weeks training. Have been able to get the body confidence to wear a singlet again" 


In his first 4 weeks of training:

✅ Body Fat down 8.2kgs
✅ Muscle up 1.3kg
✅ Visceral fat down 1.4kg
✅ Total weight down 6.4kg



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“ I thought I’d take Walter aka “where’s Wally” on one of his favourite walks, first time since last autumn. We’ve done this one plenty of times but I noticed a huge difference during and after what working out for only 3 weeks has done for my fitness!!! Having him pushes me to go on hikes but I always ALWAYS struggle.
This walk I almost felt we could do another lap.


In her first 4 weeks of training:

✅ Body Fat down 5kgs
✅ Muscle up 0.9kg
✅ Visceral fat down 1kg
✅ Total weight down 3.6kg

“ I have been to other gyms before. This is the first time I have seen my weight change" 


In her first 4 weeks of training:

✅ Body Fat down 1.5kgs
✅ Muscle up 0.4kg
✅ Visceral fat down 0.3kg
✅ Total weight down 0.9kg

UPDATES 21/12/2023
✅ Body Fat down a further 2.3kgs
✅ Visceral fat down a further 0.4kg
✅ Total weight down a further 3.5kg

“I needed to get into something. I didn't feel I had any energy or fitness. The 4 weeks has me loving the results I've achieved and I keep coming back for sessions" 


In his first 4 weeks of training:

✅ Body Fat down 6.3kgs
✅ Muscle up 1.3kg
✅ Visceral fat down 1kg
✅ Total weight down 4.4kg



“I have seen changes and felt fitter over the 4 weeks. When I cant get into the studio I'm getting in workouts at home."
"My energy levels have improved in life and work." 


In his first 6 weeks of training:

✅ Body Fat down 3.9kgs
✅ Muscle up 3.4kg
✅ Visceral fat down 0.7kg
✅ Total weight up 2kg