Committed to making your fitness experience more engaging and fun

We partnered with MYZONE technology, a system of wearable heart rate monitors with real time feedback that will make your workout experience at 9Round Christchurch CBD more interactive than before.

Heart rate training simplified


What Is It?

MYZONE uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories, time and MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. Your fitness data, along with others’ results, is recorded and sent to monitor in 9Round.

We’ve levelled the playing field, and everyone’s invited to play. Myzone is a unique heart rate monitor – it doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted. It measures the effort put in by you. 

This means beginners can take on gym bunnies and come out on top. 


How does it work?

MYZONE technology includes MYZONE wearable belts, which track your heart rate, and MYZONE software linked to monitors, which display your heart rate, your goal progress and MEPs on a screen. Cloud and Bluetooth-based technology enable your workout status to be constantly updated on the monitor in 9Round

When you work out, Myzone works for you. By splitting your max heart rate into the five zones, every minute you're moving, you're earning the points that keep you active for longer.  


Why is it for me?

MYZONE focuses on the effort behind the workout, and doesn’t fixate on calories burned. It’s designed to empower your workouts, making them more competitive by putting you against your peers, and keeping the experience fun and challenging. MYZONE-based workout challenges add extra inspiration and motivation too!

Not only that, but working to your maximum as a percentage means that everyone is equal in how hard they're exercising. Everyone can experience the same activity together, competing and celebrating every effort as a community.


Discover heart rate monitors that make you feel good by leveraging live feedback in the gym,
driving Myzone Effort Point challenges, and rewarding you for years.



  • Accurate and easy to use fitness tracker for tracking your members' real-time effort in the studio or classes.



  • Exercise tracker and heart rate monitor with built-in memory and chest strap comfort.



  • The world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. Two sensor options offer unparalleled versatility for your community.

What are the heart rate zones?

Your heart rate, your workout.

Calculated from your individual heart rate data, your effort is split into five zones, and each zone represents a percentage of your maximum heart rate. Every time you move, you’ll earn MEPs for every minute you’re in a zone.

light grey

The Light Grey Zone

is under 50% of Max Heart Rate, where you get 0 MEPs per minute


The Green Zone

is go time! At 70-79% you’ll get 3 MEPs per minute


The Grey Zone

is between 50-59% and will earn you 1 MEP per minute


The Yellow Zone

is more of a challenge at 80-89% with 4 MEPs earned per minute


The Blue Zone

is 60-69% for 2 MEPs per minute


The Red Zone

tops out at 90-100%, also for 4 MEPs per minute

If your MHR changes over time, Myzone updates this automatically to

guarantee your data stays personal to you. 

How Myzone status works?

Myzone Status is a ranking system that rewards consistent effort. Read on to learn how to move up (and down) in the levels.


Myzone status levels


 Think of your Myzone Status like your fitness birthday. You start at 0 and have until the end of the month to earn 1,300 MEPs. Each consecutive month you hit the target, your status increases by +1.

Monthly 'In The Zone' Challenge

What is it?
Monthly MEPs motivation and raffle for MYZONE users at 9Round Christchurch CBD

How does it work?
Reach the World Health Organization’s guideline of 1,300 MEPs per month and earn one ticket for a raffle drawing. Prizes include: gift certificates to local restaurants, 1 on 1 pad training sessions, Evolt body composition scans, tickets to local sporting events and more and gigs!

One winner will be selected each month.

How to participate?
Reach 1,300 MEPs and you’re automatically entered. For blue, green, yellow and red zones.